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A new Alliance policy brief finds that far too many teachers are “data rich but information poor,” meaning that while student data is becoming more abundant, not enough teachers have access to training, support, and the structures needed to use data effectively.

“Simply putting someone on a fire truck and giving him a water hose does not mean that he can put out a fire,” said Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia, “and merely providing teachers with more data does not ensure that they know how to use data to improve student learning.”

According to the brief, Achieving a Wealth of Riches: Delivering on the Promise of Data to Transform Teaching and Learning, the influx of data associated with the No Child Left Behind Act and investments in state data systems has meant that teachers are being asked to go beyond traditional roles and embrace the use of data to improve their teaching and students’ learning. The brief suggests roles that schools, districts, and states should play in making every classroom data-driven and outlines specific federal actions that can positively support teachers’ use of data to improve student achievement.


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The Brief, 13 August 2009