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The profound, deep shifts we are starting to witness across all of the established educational institutions, pivot around four key components:

1) Learners driving. The new learner is transforming himself from a passive actor into an active, is becoming a conscious leader of his personal lifelong learning path.

2) Deep access to information, tools and experts in ways not possible before.

3) The ability to network and team up with other learners who have the same interests, independently of their age, location or experience.

4) The emergence of the professional independent (teacher) mentor / guide. Both outside and inside traditional educational institutions a new breed of guides, coaches, facilitators and advisers is already emerging and creating new classless learning ecosystems.

These new "teachers" think, act and perform their multiple roles of guides, facilitators and learning advisers with a spirit and attitude that is radically different from the one that is typical of the traditional, classic educator.


Andrew Churches challenges the status quo and paints a detailed profile of what this new breed of professors is going to look like.