The role that culture plays in the framing and delivery of education and development in the South.

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Education for All : the Africa problem

Le projet "Education pour tous" imposé par l’UNESCO et la Banque Mondiale qui vise à généraliser l’éducation primaire ( quelle objectif honteux, par ailleurs) d’ici 2015 sera un échec, un ennième ratage de l’alphabéltisation à l’échelle mondiale concoctée avec le chantage et la coopération des classes dirigeantes des pays en voie de développement. Le livre illustre quelques erreurs stratégiques de ce méga-programme.

About the book

Culture in Education and Development. Principles, practice and policy, 2007. BRISTOL PAPERS IN EDUCATION, paperback, 246 pages, US$48.00 ISBN 978-1-873927-70-0

There is increasing recognition of the important role culture plays in the framing and delivery of education and development in the South. Whether this is in the reciprocal and synergistic relationship between theory and practice or the links between research and policy, it is clear that at the heart of successful educational development is a recognition of the importance of culture. This book critically reviews the relationships of culture, education and development both from a theoretical and methodological perspective and also from the perspective of the teacher, researcher and policy maker on the ground. The importance of context is stressed throughout with a series of case studies of educational developments drawn from a range of national settings. Issues such as education and poverty elimination, local and global knowledge transfers, and the role and discourse of development assistance to education are examined from the perspective of culture and context. Of particular value to the education researcher and policy maker, whether working in the North or South, this book provides a timely reminder of the importance of culture in the development of education.


- Introduction


- Culture in Education and Development

- Researching Culture, Education and Development


- Girls and Basic Education in Ghana : gender and schooling within the domains of home, economy and school

- Children and Health Education in Uganda : issues of culture, language and curriculum

- Schooling and Cultural Values in South Africa : building cultural capital ?

- Primary Education in Indonesia : issues of culture and the aid process

- Teachers and Cultural Identity : critical dialogues with self – a case study of student teachers in South Africa

- Exploring the Backgrounds and Shaping of Beginning Student Teachers in Ghana : toward greater contextualisation of teacher education

- Action Research and Teachers in Laos : issues of knowledge, research and culture


- Culture and Educational Development : policy implications and ways forward

About the author

DAVID STEPHENS is Professor of International Education at the University of Brighton, and was until recently Professor of International Education at Oslo University College in Norway. For the past 30 years he has lectured and researched in international education in universities in east and west Africa and in the United Kingdom. His co-authored publications include Doing Educational Research in Developing Countries : qualitative strategies (Falmer Press, 1990), Questions of Quality : primary education and development (Longman, 1990) and Children as Partners for Health (Zed Books, 2000).