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AERA Announces a New Book on

Estimating Causal Effects

Authored By Barbara Schneider, Martin Carnoy, Jeremy Kilpatrick, William H. Schmidt, Richard J. Shavelson A think tank white paper prepared under the auspices of the AERA Grants Program.

Key Issues :

- Causality : Forming an Evidential Base
- The Logic of Causal Inference
- The Formal Specification of the Causal Inference Model
- Criteria for Making Causal Inferences
- Issues in the Design and Fielding of Randomized Experiments
- Estimating Causal Effects Using Observational Data
- Methods for Approximating Randomized Assignment
- Analysis of Large-Scale Datasets : Cases of NSF-Supported Research

Order from the American Educational Research Association Online : By Phone : (202) 223-9485 Price : $21.95 (Members) $26.95 (Non-members) Paperback : 142 pages ISBN-10 : 0-935302-34-4 ISBN-13 : 978-935302344-7

PDF files will be available online at May 15, 2007.